Our Commitment

Close-up of a woman using a computer while wearing vision-altering goggles while a researcher looks on.

A Passion for Accessibility

We believe that Accessibility is the key to inclusion and transforms possibilities into opportunities. It’s what enables anyone, young or old, tech savvy or tech novice, disabled or not, to say, "I can" instead of "I can’t."

Accessibility is not about “disability”—instead we believe it's about understanding and anticipating specific obstacles that might confront any individual, in any activity, and then carefully considering ways that these can be overcome. In other words, Accessibility is about deep thinking, creative problem solving, and, for Yahoo’s Accessibility Team in particular, ensuring that every individual regardless of his or her limitations can fully enjoy using Yahoo’s products.

Integrating Accessibility into Product Development

Trying to shoehorn Accessibility into finished products after the fact is time-consuming, expensive, and rarely as effective as when it’s integrated during design. So we work side-by-side with Yahoo’s product managers, designers, and engineers and reach out to disabled individuals and advocacy groups to participate in testing, user studies and to provide continual feedback before, during, and after product development. The things we learn from users about our current products help inform our future products. This feedback-development-feedback cycle is never-ending—as it ought to be.

We find it unfortunate that so few companies have Accessibility professionals integrated into their development process and that the work they do is hidden. So on this site, in addition to providing you with information about the Accessibility of Yahoo products, we’re also providing information about the Yahoo Accessibility Team with the hope that it will help you better understand how we do what we do as well as our passion for Accessibility.